Cadoelin Treas

A Tiefling Rogue of undescribed beauty.


STR: 11 (+0) CON: 10 (+0) DEX: 18 (+4) INT: 10 (+0) WIS: 10 (+0) CHR: 16 (+3)

HP: 32 AC: 17 FORT: 12 REF: 18 WILL: 15

Perception: 11 Insight: 11

Languages: Common, Draconic Trained Skills: Entertainer, Music

Default weapon: Rapier of the Glade +1 (Duelists Blade)


Cadoelin was brought up to survive in almost a circus atmosphere, being counted on for the economical survival of his various acting troupes that he has wandered in and out of over his years. Some of his companions may have held disdain for his methods while eating (literally) due to the fruits of his labor. Resentment outweighed necessity, which eventually turned Cadoelin into a cast out, and vastly unemployed. Now without the burden of having to provide for others, Cadoelin turned to the martial arts, honing his skills in the knowledge of combat, that became his own form of entertainment. Moving from town to town, thieving for survival and fighting for local causes caught the attention of a senile old Baron who hung to Cadoelin in vicarious dreams of adventure. The Baron, realizing his days of grand adventure where at an end, impaled himself with his own blade, The Rapier of the Glade, with a note to Cadoelin stuck between the blade and torso of the Barons body. The note read ‘My dear devil… may you carry on the dreams of one to old to be trusted. I give you the Glade in hopes that with your adventures you find the acceptance you so long for.”

Cadoelin Treas

Ties that Bind Cadoelin