STR: 10 (+0)
CON: 13 (+1)
DEX: 8 (-1)
INT: 20 (+5)
WIS: 13 (+1)
CHR: 10 (+0)

HP: 40
AC: 18
FORT: 13
REF: 17
WILL: 15

Perception: 12
Insight: 17

Languages: Common, Draconic
Trained Skills: Arcana, Insight

Default weapon: Bastard Sword of Arcane Bonds +1


Ganodar hails from Outmere, and is the son of Aelud, priestess of Ioun. Aelud sent him away as a child to Fallcrest to train under Archanon, master swordmage. It was there that Ganodar learned to sharpen his mind alongside his blade as a Swordmage in the service of Ioun.

For many years, Ganodar studied under his late mentor, Archanon. During the excavation of an ancient portal, the followers of Ioun encountered a powerful unknown force. The force fell upon them, and as a last stand Archanon gave his life to save his followers. All that remained was his hand, still gripping the blade.


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